Cover in progress – making peace with Adobe Illustrator and using Guns N’ Roses / cock rock to fire up dormant neurons

ILLUSo, after about 15 years of cold war between me and Adobe Illustrator, I am finally on the verge of making friends with this piece of software. I am currently working on an illustration that I suspect will make it to the front cover of the record, and for once I seem to have found some sort of meditative flow in working with the vector tools, rather than brushing my way through Photoshop or smearing acrylic on canvas. Maybe I’ve grown more patient with age, or perhaps it just felt right this time – I knew it had to be executed as tight line art and I also suspect it has something to do with the fact, that this time I almost felt warped back to a childhood state of non-being, that is, totally immersed in the process like I used to be, when I drew as a kid. Which incidentally is also what the illustration symbolises to an extend; the strive for the egoless state. Regarding childhood, while working on this illustration I somehow rediscovered “Appetite For Destruction” by Guns N’ Roses, and blasted it loudly throughout most of the process. I have come to the conclusion that this particular album helped me regress to the aforementioned childhood state; call it nostalgia if you will, but there was more to it than that. Hearing that flamboyant guitar riff for Mr. Brownstone, quite simply fired up neurons in my brain that hadn’t been exercised for quite a while, and that elevated state prompted me to experiment with other sorts of cock rock and hair metal soundtracks while working; however, I never got into GNR’s later albums and they weren’t working for me now either, and the same went for Motley Crüe and a bunch of other similar bands. (Though I admittedly handled vocal duties on a “Kickstart My Heart” jam some years ago for a friends birthday bash, I don’t think I will ever appreciate Vince Neil’s voice and vocal performances. They’re just really…bad.) The Cult’s excellent “Sonic Temple” I know more or less by heart and I’ve often returned to it throughout my adult life, so that didn’t really strike any old nerves in me, however great that album is. In conclusion, Appetite For Destruction did the job for me. I wonder what other rediscoveries lie ahead. From a Guns N’ Roses wiki: