Premiere: a take on Marseillaise Générique (theme from Brigitte Bardot Show) and a happy New Year

The world is not sane. Or rather, the world is not beneficially insane – too many people mistook a black tar pit for Alice’s rabbit hole and got stuck. A year for the murderers, the liars, the fear mongers and demagogues. Where immense suffering is ready to leap at you, when all you wanted was to post that selfie or cat video, and you ended up scrolling through your daily feed of victims of war crimes, climate change and corporate greed. Or got sucked into a black hole of conspiracy mania that boils down to poorly disguised racism, sexism and fascism, and you ended up distrusting both your own judgement and media outlets in general even more. Which is exactly what the dark powers that be want you to. That, unfortunately, is not a far fetched conspiracy theory. Is it sane to make music under these circumstances, to commit to creative expression? I don’t know, it seems a rather trite question, but maybe that’s because the doubt and ambivalence in me are expressions of a rather trite inner conflict. Maybe it has always been like this. Maybe it’s important, exactly because it’s not important. Maybe it’s not a question of sanity.
This is true: an album is mixed. It will be out in 2017. I want to thank Lærke and Asbjørn for participating so far. This particular piece is an excerpt from the recording sessions that started back in 2014. I made an unfinished recording of it ten years ago that I abandoned, but this time we got it right. It’s a fun tune with a little pinch of melancholy added, nothing more, nothing less. Do share – this will not be included on the album. Check out the original by the Francis Lai Orchestre when you get the time. Much love and a happy New Year to you