New video / download: M Blok – Take My Breath Away

Here it is. A little freebie, while I work on some more studio material.
It was somewhat of a coincidence that I chose to cover this song, but I was working on a beat and some booming drum sounds that suddenly reminded me of it, and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to sing it.
I remember it being played on the radio non-stop when Top Gun came out. When I got to see that movie some years later, I thought it was awful; I was definitely more of a Robocop/Terminator enthusiast at the time. But the song has stuck with me as an early childhood memory and I’m generally a big fan of Giorgio Moroder’s music, so that was reason enough for me to give it a go.
(Also, I must admit, I have kind of warmed to Top Gun on a more humorous level as I’ve grown older. There is a douchey charm to it, no doubt).
Credit must go out to my brother Thomas, who insisted I tried making a more stripped down mix, after listening to an early version. It made the difference between just being a novelty that more or less emulated the original and this final version, that actually sounds like some of my own stuff. Which is what covers should be all about, if you plan to present them to other people anyway, as I see it.

Randy video trivia:
I actually had to go over this cut several times after the first upload to YouTube and edit out some of the more spacey stuff to make sure the preview featured the exotic dancer, since YouTube won’t let you choose the thumbnail yourself and just randomly picks out 3 for you to choose from; somehow it constantly ended up with a blur not related to that fine woman at all, before I finally nailed it and got to choose a preview that worked. So you may thank YouTube/Google for forcing me to put in more of those swinging hips.
Most of the clips are edits from an old Italian thriller called Milano Calibro 9. Worth checking out.

Download mp3: Download mp3 version here (right-click, “save as”):