It’s 2014 – working, reading – all in the name of music

2013 was a rather uneventful year in my musical life, although I did do a single live performance and released a couple of new M Blok videos along with some old Saline Gift stuff. However, behind the scenes I worked on new material more or less the whole year through, and right now I have no idea if I’m going to release a single, an ep or an album within the next few months. The luxury of doubt.

I am reading the so far wonderful book by John Higgs on The KLF “KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money”
I remember hearing about it when it came out, and then I guess I forgot about it. But when Youth of Killing Joke recently plugged it on his Facebook page, I decided to get hold of a copy.
Fascinating read. I think this excerpt says it all:
The KLF - excerpt