Media / Discography

“The Dead Selves” – 2018. Available on Spotify, iTunes & Bandcamp.
Head over to Bandcamp and download the whole album in an exclusive version including the Psychic TV song “Godstar” + bonus track – pay what you want!

Various milestones

Promo video: Godstar

Promo video: Marseillaise Générique

Promo video: In The Fire

M Blok  ‘Black EP’ 2014 – Buy on bandcamp – also available on Spotify

M Blok  ‘Red EP’ 2014 – Buy on bandcamp – also available on Spotify

M Blok  ‘Blue EP’ 2014 – Buy on bandcamp – also available on Spotify

M Blok  ‘Child Power’ single 2014 – Watch on Youtube – Also available on Spotify

M Blok ‘Take My Breath Away’ single 2013 – Watch on YoutubeDownload mp3 version

M Blok  ‘Sun Wukong’ single 2013 – Buy on bandcampWatch on Youtube

– Also available in iTunesSpotify,  Amazon or in your local Wimp or Google Play online store.

M Blok  ‘Yuletide’ single 2012 – Buy on bandcampWatch on Youtube

Blokdub Christmas Calendar – 24 downloads 2010 – Youtube: Breeze

Morten Blok – ‘The Cannibal’ album 2009 – Youtube: Goodbye Horses   / Grab the record as a torrent via magnetic link here – or download as a zip here

Saline Gift – ‘I/O’ minialbum 2008 – Youtube: Pathmaker

Saline Gift – ‘ep’ ep 2006 – Youtube: Immortal Currencies

Saline Gift – ‘Animation’ album 2004 – Youtube: Day of Wrath

Saline Gift – ‘Streetcleaner’ music/video collaboration 2003 with Watch on Youtube



Saline Gift – ‘Saline Gift’ album 2002 – Youtube: Shadow

Other works include:

Various short movie soundtracks and multimedia soundscapes
Specktors ‘Kadavermarch’ album 2012 (additional production)
Let Me Play Your Guitar S/T album 2011 (mix)
Superdirt S/T album 2010 (Engineering, mix, mastering)
+ various remixes & guest appearances – too many to mention really.

Besides that, I have worked on several side projects throughout the years, including Fireplay and Krushload. No official releases though