New video / download: M Blok – Take My Breath Away

Here it is. A little freebie, while I work on some more studio material.
It was somewhat of a coincidence that I chose to cover this song, but I was working on a beat and some booming drum sounds that suddenly reminded me of it, and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to sing it.
I remember it being played on the radio non-stop when Top Gun came out. When I got to see that movie some years later, I thought it was awful; I was definitely more of a Robocop/Terminator enthusiast at the time. But the song has stuck with me as an early childhood memory and I’m generally a big fan of Giorgio Moroder’s music, so that was reason enough for me to give it a go.
(Also, I must admit, I have kind of warmed to Top Gun on a more humorous level as I’ve grown older. There is a douchey charm to it, no doubt).
Credit must go out to my brother Thomas, who insisted I tried making a more stripped down mix, after listening to an early version. It made the difference between just being a novelty that more or less emulated the original and this final version, that actually sounds like some of my own stuff. Which is what covers should be all about, if you plan to present them to other people anyway, as I see it.

Randy video trivia:
I actually had to go over this cut several times after the first upload to YouTube and edit out some of the more spacey stuff to make sure the preview featured the exotic dancer, since YouTube won’t let you choose the thumbnail yourself and just randomly picks out 3 for you to choose from; somehow it constantly ended up with a blur not related to that fine woman at all, before I finally nailed it and got to choose a preview that worked. So you may thank YouTube/Google for forcing me to put in more of those swinging hips.
Most of the clips are edits from an old Italian thriller called Milano Calibro 9. Worth checking out.

Download mp3: Download mp3 version here (right-click, “save as”):


Making it hard on yourself – how not to experience My Bloody Valentine

mbv ticket cph

I went to see the My Bloody Valentine gig in Copenhagen yesterday. No need to get into their credentials, I assume most are aware at least to some degree that this band have had a huge impact on modern rock, electronic and experimental music.
I have seen them once before at Roskilde Festival and was more or less blown away back then – like I hoped I would be, having picked up on their records in the mid-nineties and only heard about their notorious and magic live performances; magic as only tales you never get to experience yourself can be. But Roskilde happened and it was a brutal and beautiful attack on the senses of the very rare kind.
So obviously, with a new record out and a tour that included a stop in Copenhagen, I was looking forward to this concert. And I had a good time, no doubt.
But today I wonder what a person with no knowledge of the bands records would think of this concert. Because it was obvious that both me and the people around me were bobbing our heads in recognition every time a new song kicked in because we somewhat knew what songs were played. In other words, the sound was bad – not only bad, but way too low as well, which was quite surprising, to say the least.
Some observations:
– apparently the sound on stage was also a blur, since it took 4 false starts of the song Thorn, before they realized Belinda Butcher had misplaced the capo on her guitar.
– I honestly lost count of how many cabinets and amplifiers were stacked up behind Kevin Shields.
– guitars were being exchanged in between songs with no exception (perhaps for tuning reasons, I’ll acknowledge that)

And here’s my point: I’ve never had the money or the patience to become a full blown gear snob, but I refuse to believe that all the effect loops and distinct cabinet and guitar sounds of MBV can’t be mimicked digitally to an extent where no one would give a damn at a live show, as long as the volume is right. (Except for the guy in the corner with arms crossed and a know-all attitude, but you know what? Fuck that guy from here to eternity). What I witnessed yesterday was a sound guy who managed to drown both vocals and bass guitar in a mix that really went nowhere, because he or she weren’t able to control the elements through the mixing board – in all probability because it’s damn hard to work with a stage setup such as My Bloody Valentine’s. Such a shame.

So, please, MBV don’t make it so hard on yourself. Buy that software or effects board. I won’t scorn you. Instead, I just might get a full blown attack on the senses every time I see you in concert, because I will of course attend any other future shows.

By the way, Colm Ó Cíosóig saved that gig. What an absolute hero behind a drum kit.

“Sun Wukong” – single & video out now

Here we go; a brand new track.
Monkey King (Sun Wukong): “Havoc in Heaven” is a Chinese animation from 1961. It aired on Danish National TV a couple of times throughout the eighties, where I watched it as a kid. The movie deals with only a portion of the tale of The Monkey King, that has a classic coming-of-age theme to it. This is also well known throughout traditional western fairy tales, only in this case, it has a more poetic expression rather than your typical hero vs. villain type of story. Interesting song material to me, as you can see.

Get it in iTunes, SpotifyAmazon or in your local Wimp or Google Play online store.
Also available on in lossless format.


As a fan


It shouldn’t come as no surprise, but I listen to music as well.
Two years ago I had the good fortune to travel to London and see Killing Joke for the first time. This is a band whose records have always intrigued me, ranging from dissonant tribal noiserock to moody pop music. And that night they lived up to all my expectations, delivering their songs fiercely, loud and life affirming; it was amazing. What I didn’t know at the time, was that this particular concert was also being recorded for a future release: “Down by the river” came out in 2012, and I have a copy of the vinyl edition. So I’m in the privileged position of having the opportunity to revisit this concert whenever I feel like it, how about that.
I just found the concert ticket while going through the endless clutter of my boxes of broken music instruments, outdated software and various memorabilia.
So there you have it. I make music, but I’m also a fan…

“The Cannibal” – per request

I get requests for this record at least once a week via Youtube, Facebook etc. Usually I give away a download link that points directly to a zip file of the record. This, however, is getting tiresome, so let’s share the load:
Download “The Cannibal” as a torrent via magnetic link here (open with your preferred bitTorrent client).

Morten Blok - The-Cannibal

– Please be patient. I will try to seed as often as possible. Once you get hold of it, please continue seeding, and let’s get this thing going.

Remember, this is a covers record. It was never made for profit and should be regarded as free. However, do yourself and the original artists a favour and check out/ spend your money on the original recordings. There’s a txt document with proper credits within the torrent file, where you can find the information needed to look up these songs/records.