Not an album – three ep’s

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’ve been working on and off on material for a record the past couple of years. And I have around 15-20 finished songs to compile, and putting the pieces together to make a coherent collection of tracks has turned into a logistic nightmare, and I’m growing tired of the songs in the process – not a good sign. I have a lot of new ideas and a clear vision of the sound I’m going for with some brand new material and I want to put my energy where it matters, that is, in the process of creation. So I’m going to give the current songs a final mastering and spread them out on three ep’s and put them up on Bandcamp and Spotify, maybe iTunes, within the next couple of months without making a big fuzz out of it and that will be it, time to move on. The songs are good, the recordings are good, I just don’t want to spend any more time on them, they’re already behind me. Life is short and my attention span is even shorter. My focus is more intense than it was ten years ago and I want to be able to move with ideas faster.
– Stay tuned.

I guess we have some common interests

Just found out that Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon made a cover record last year featuring songs by Godflesh and Glenn Danzig among others – something I did five years ago, ahem, just saying. By this logic, Mark and I should make a record together. Call me, Mark. Love your work.

By the way, new song from brand new record will be up very soon.

Summertime and the smell of vinyl

It’s summertime in Copenhagen/Northern Europe which means that most people in the world of music are going on vacation or preparing for various festivals.
This also means a bit of time off from the music for me – the new record is more or less there, but I won’t be putting serious effort into shopping it around to various labels until later this year as most people in the business aren’t responsive this time of year anyway.
Will be checking out Future Islands among others at Roskilde Festival as I really like their new album. Slowdive was added last-minute to the line up, which is great, but unfortunate for me though, as I will only be visiting the festival on Friday, the day before their appearance.
As a  sort of consolation I invested in a brand new pressing of one of my favourite albums. I’m not a vinyl fetishist per se (not any more anyway) , but when it comes to a record like this, I still happily  lay down the cash.