Streaming services update

A good portion of the M Blok catalogue is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and many other streaming services. The 3 EPs from 2014 “Black”, “Red” & “Blue” are now available as separate releases, and the Psychic TV cover “Godstar” is now finally available as a single edit, per multiple requests.
I am preparing more old stuff and working on getting it available for streaming, and I may spice it up with brand new material – stay tuned.

“Her Life Is Out Of Tune” is featured on Enter The Void Vol. 4

“Her Life Is Out Of Tune” is featured on the brand new compilation “Enter The Void Vol. 4” out on Donut Records now. Follow link to check it out, lots of interesting stuff here:

New single: “Her Life Is Out Of Tune”

First single out! Head over to independent radio/blog Mod Strømmen…/tilstedevrelse-i-livet-ny-s…
– and have a first listen & look at “Her Life Is Out Of Tune” from the album “The Dead Selves” – and read a few words (DK) about the upcoming release that’s just around the corner ?

Video premiere: “It’s a fine day”

When life gives you lemons – pet a fluffy animal. This is an outtake from a series of acoustic recordings I’m working on. It’s a cover of the haunting acapella piece by Jane from 1983 and lifts harmonies from the 1992 version by the progressive house outfit Opus III. The Opus III version made an impression on me at a time where my adolescent head was definitely somewhere else regarding taste in music, and Kirsty Hawkshaw’s voice stuck with me ever since. I’m quite happy with how this turned out. Video credit goes out to the animal lovers of the interwebz. Happy holidays to those of you who celebrate – regardless, I hope a good doggo or two will brighten your days to come ? – note: the video is embedded via Facebook – turn on the volume of the video manually by clicking the sound icon.

Video premiere: Godstar

We play around with the semiotics of ceremonial magic and transcendence in this video: Lærke doesn’t have an actual third eye (2:04), she was however 8 months pregnant at the time of the shoot, and she and Asbjørn are now proud parents to a beautiful baby boy.
This was shot and edited in march, but the release has been held up for various reasons. The song was originally performed by Psychic TV, and this version is taken from the album sessions that make up a full length record, to be released somewhere in the (hopefully near) future. We’ll see where it lands, it would be nice to include the song in the final tracklist, I feel it does have a place in there. Soundcloud link:

Premiere: a take on Marseillaise Générique (theme from Brigitte Bardot Show) and a happy New Year

This particular piece is an excerpt from the recording sessions that started back in 2014. I started recording a similar arrangement ten years ago that I abandoned mid-way, but this time we got it right. It’s a fun tune with a little pinch of melancholy added, nothing more, nothing less. Do share – this will not be included on the album. Check out the original by the Francis Lai Orchestre when you get the time. Much love and a happy New Year to you


Video premiere: In The Fire

It’s here. A first listen and look at the music I’m recording with backing band The Dead Selves at the moment (the wonderful Lærke and Asbjørn). More guitars, more etherial soundscapes and of course a lovely female vocal included as well. Video is a cut up of  “L’éden et après” (Alain Robbe-Grillet, 1970) : A most beautiful movie I chose to molest for this specific project. Watch the real deal in full length and buy L’éden et après at